The James E Tatum Scholarship


Union Springs, Ala.– During his campaign for the office of Probate Judge of Bullock County, Judge James E. Tatum pledged to award a scholarship to two graduating seniors. One scholarship will go to a female and another to a male, to assist them in their endeavors to obtain a college education. The scholarship will provide each recipient with $1,000. The funds will come from a portion of Judge Tatum’s salary as Probate Judge.   

Judge Tatum said, “An important part of my platform was investing in the youth of Bullock County.  I can’t think of a better way to invest than to provide two graduates with needed assistance to further their education.” In order to be considered for the scholarship the candidates must be graduating seniors from Bullock County High School; must submit written notification expressing their desire to be considered; and provide official documentation that they have been accepted into an accredited college or university.

Since taking office Judge Tatum has honored his pledge by awarding two annual scholarships. Judge Tatum anticipates presenting the awards to two graduates of this year’s senior class in order to assist them in offsetting the cost of their education.     

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