Resurrection Catholic School: Education for a Lifetime


In 2018 Resurrection Catholic Missions of the South, Inc. will celebrate 75 years of service to the people of Alabama. In these three quarters of a century Resurrection Catholic Missions has, through residential healthcare facilities, social services, evangelization, advocacy and education, improved the lives of tens of thousands of Alabamians, with focused attention and services for the most vulnerable members of our community.

None of our programs has had a more sustained impact in producing citizens capable of making our community more just, humane and prosperous than our school. Resurrection Catholic School provides an excellent academic, spiritual and cultural formation for young people, Pre-K through the eighth grade. Our students and their families come from all areas of the River Region. The school is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and School(SACS), is a National Space and Aeronautics Association (NASA) partner school and participates in programming from the Confucius Institute at Auburn University, Montgomery. Resurrection was one of the first three schools in the state to participate in the Alabama Accountability Act Scholarship Program. We also participate in the Alabama Office of School Readiness’ First Class Pre-K program.  Our curriculum is focused on STEM preparation but not to the neglect of language, reading, social, art, music and religious studies. For over two decades we have been fortunate to offer Spanish language instruction from teachers who are native speakers. We are a Google School with Accelerated Reading and Math programs.

Though deeply rooted in the Catholic tradition of teaching and living the gospel values of Jesus, we are an ecumenical community and welcome students of all creeds, races and ethnicities.  Each day begins with a school wide morning meditation and weekly the entire school participates in Mass celebrated in the adjacent Resurrection Church.

In addition to sports programs in partnership with several other youth service organizations, our middle and junior high students participate in separate mentoring programs aimed at helping young women and young men navigate the challenges which come with that stage of adolescence. Each spring and fall our students also get to interact for several weeks with Collegiate Volunteers from some of our country’s leading Catholic and public universities.

As Catholic schools have done for over two centuries in this country Resurrection Catholic School prepares young people of all faith backgrounds to succeed in secondary and post- secondary/college learning environments. We demand excellence from our students as we affirm the unique and gifted   human beings they have each been made by their Creator.  New staff and families are required each year to attend a seven week, one session each week, orientation to our ministry of education called “View Your Child’s World”. Food and childcare are provided each of the sessions.

The graduates of Resurrection Catholic School typically go on to attend magnet and other leading high schools in our community. Over the past 75 years Resurrection students have attended nearly every institution of higher learning in the state of Alabama and have matriculated as well at major universities across the United States and serve in all manner of professions and careers.

If you are interested in knowing more about opportunities at Resurrection Catholic School  and giving your young person an educational foundation which will serve them for a lifetime, please contact our dynamic principal, Mr. Tamarcus Milner at 334-230-1973 or or visit our website at

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