Prince Didn’t Play With His Copyrights And Neither Should You


connie murrayAfter hours of meeting, I took a short break to get myself together only to learn that one of the greatest artists of our time has passed. While my timeline is flooded with people sharing their favorite Prince songs, the radio is playing all his greatest hits, and the television stations give tribute by playing music videos, I want to share with you at least three times Prince went to great lengths to protect what was his. The music legend was serious about protecting his intellectual property and wasn’t shy about doing so.

1. Keeping The Pirates At Bay

Not on the web. The Pirate Bay is a pirating plague based out of Sweden. The site allows users to upload and share files, mostly copyrighted protected content, amongst each other. The company and its owners have been sued several times for copyright infringement matters. In 2009, the owners were found guilty of assistance to copyright infringement and sentenced to one year in prison and pay 4.2 million dollar fine. In 2007, Prince lawyered up and hired Web Sheriff, a British Company specializing in tracking pirated content on the Internet to go after these pirating gnats. READ MORE


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