Montgomery Public Schools Summer Learning Program


Montgomery, Ala.- Montgomery Public Schools Summer Learning Program will feature both classes for credit (allowing students to move to the next grade level) and classes for enrichment. The programs range in length from math and reading camps lasting two to three weeks, to full summer school credit classes lasting six weeks.

There are a number of programs for elementary students. Those students in grades three-five who did not master standards in reading and math can take a six-week program for credit. Other elementary students can participate in a three-week enrichment program based on available slots. Both programs begin June 12th.  At the end of the summer, students who are attending kindergarten for the first time are encouraged to attend a two-week jumpstart program at their zone school.

Middle school students have both enrichment and credit options as well. There are enrichment courses available to help students in reading and math June 12-22. There are also classes for credit that begin June 14. Bellingrath Middle School also has another enrichment program for their students that beings June 14.

High school students have access to classes for credit. The summer learning session begins July 14. High school counselors have details on programs being offered.

There is no cost for students who attend Title I schools. Students in other schools are charged $300 per credit and are not eligible for the enrichment programs. High school students who only need one-half credit will need to pay $150. Only money orders or cashier’s checks are accepted – no cash or personal checks. Payment must be received before classes begin.

Transportation may be provided to students attending Title I Schools depending on availability. A schedule of pick up times will be shared later once we have an actual count of students participating.

Students in credit programs may not miss more than three days. If more than three days are missed, the student will not get credit for the class.

If a student is in need of a credit program, or is interested in a summer enrichment program, please contact your school as soon as possible to register. All students must register before the first day of each program. Non-MPS students from surrounding areas are eligible to take programs for credit at a cost of $300 per credit.

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