Former President Jimmy Carter Teaches Sunday School


Would you like to go to church with Jimmy Carter?

Yes, you are reading this caption correct. Last weekend, I had the honor of going to church with our beloved iconic president, Mr. Jimmy Carter.

I arrived at the small church around 8am. To my surprise, nearly 300 people were already in line waiting to get inside the church. Former president Jimmy Carter teaches a Sunday School Class at Maranathan Baptist Church in Plains, Georgia a number of Sundays a month.

Prior to the class, President. Carter entered the room, greeted us and to took questions from the audience. With a glowing smile on his face, President Carter joked with with us as he took to the podium to teach his Sunday School lesson.

President Carter opened his lesson by sharing the great news that he no longer needed cancer treatment. Receiving a brief applause from the audience, the ninety-one year old iconic figure spoke from the Book of Luke.

President Carter gave us his views of the “The Last Supper.” His focal point was to show how our first priority should be to focus on our relationship with God, as we use our gifts and talents to serve humanity.

This message was timely for me to say the least. As an entertainment blogger, I sometimes lose sight of what’s really important in my quest to be famous. President Carter’s message reminded me to reexamine how I can use my platform to make the world a better place. President Carter’s Sunday School Class was definitely interactive and an experience I would definitely remember.

Closing his lesson, President Carter asked, “What type of person do we want our lives to represent?” As he began to share his views, it became evident that Mr. Carter appeared to have found that one thing that we all should find, the peace of God.

Enjoying the Sunday School Class, I decided to stay to hear the message for the day. Pastor Jeremy Shoulta gave me a double portion of the word by teaching a lesson on forgiveness. When we talk about a relationship with God, forgiveness definitely is cornerstone. Making reference to Dr. King and other civil rights leaders, Pastor Shoulta paid homage to the civil rights activist and how their practice of forgiveness changed the world.

One thing that I can say about Maranathan Baptist Church is that it truly was one of the most loving churches in all the world, next to my home church, Faith Chapel Christian Center of course lol.

Thank You to President Jimmy Carter, Pastor Shoulta and my new Maranathan Baptish Church friends for allowing Birmingham’s favorite entertainment blogger a chance to worship in your sanctuary. I truly felt the love within your church.

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