Diagnosis Psychosis

By Dr. Tim Martin

It blows my mind how many people in today’s culture suffer from Diagnosis Psychosis. Who are they? They are people who have figured out what is wrong with everybody else. They love labels and have to constantly lay their labels on everybody around them. You find there is no credentials to back up such labels however, they have licensed and certified themselves as experts in psychology, social behavior and mental health issues.

Chances are you know, work or have been in a relationship with someone like this. They have figured out what everybody suffers from and why! yet, can’t find anything wrong with themselves. Master’s of manipulation love to label others with no facts or proof to back it up.

How do I fix someone like this? You don’t!! They are not interested in a cure. The focus for them is only on the dysfunctional diseases of others. Stay away from toxic people, leaders and relationships that want to label you with untrue issues or disorders they want you and/or others to believe. What they suffer from can be contagious. Always seek the advice of a professional and not the mouth of toxic people who have developed their own psychosis from giving everyone else their own diagnosis.

Self Diagnosing

Self Diagnosing can be a trap. Just as someone can diagnose things about you or others wrong, we can also be way off when trying to diagnose certain things about our own behavior or issues. I personally made this mistake myself at one point in my life. I not only was wrong with my own diagnosis but, it was seized upon by another person and used against me as a way to justify, hide and excuse their own secrets and toxic behavior.

This approach is very common in clients I coach both in life and leadership. Many feel the responsibility to act in some way to save or rescue a work related role or personal relationship. In doing this, one feels the urgency to find some kind of fault, flaw or failure in them they can label, only to hope that such an effort will find grace and approval and change any unwanted outcomes. This kind of insecurity that leads to self diagnosing can be harmful. It can hurt others perception of you even if that perception is not reality.

Self Diagnosing yourself is dangerous and leads to developing even greater dysfunctional issues. It’s not wise medically, emotionally or psychologically. Even if you do have some issues, and we all do, it often leads you to focus on symptoms and not find or fix the source. Seek the advise of a true professional and not lean on your own understanding, google or Facebook. Don’t allow others to label you and don’t label yourself. Find the ‘awesome” in you and live the “awesome”in you.

Dr. Tim Martin is the Executive Director of Coaching and Life Services at the Issac Law Firm. To learn more about the topics discusses contact Dr. Martin at tim@issaklifefirm.com

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