Bad Girl of Comedy Luenell “Worked” Birmingham


andre the bloggerBy Andre The Blogger

February 8, 2016

Ya favorite entertainment blogger is FINALLY back in the United States (woo hoo). Seems like I’ve been gone from you all for-e-ver lol. I must admit, I hit the ground running in the Birmingham entertainment scene last night and detoured right on past the Diana Ross concert and ventured out to catch the hilarious Bad Girls of Comedy Star Luenell. Sorry Lady Diana, come to Birmingham when Luenell is NOT in town.

Trying to beat the crowd, I came to the Stardome super early, ONLY to find out that this heffa done SOLD OUT two shows on the first night and had eager fans already waiting. My word of advice, if you plan on going to see her, make sure you get there early to avoid standing in the long line.

About the Show. Despite having a “dry” crowd for her first time in Birmingham, the sassy Arkansas sista sat in her chair and sipped her wine like ya auntie would in the summertime. Performing under the dim Stardome lights, Luenell started off her set kinda cute by speaking  with her proper upscale voice. However, after a few glasses of wine, Luenell werk’d the crowd by slipping right into the provocative diva character we all loved in Snoop Dogg’s Bad Girls of Comedy.

I respect Luenell because she didnt let the fact that she was a mature woman stop her from discussing her  sexual proclivities. She was free and confident in herself.

It didn’t matter that a man in the audience said, “sounds like she had more sex than Bill Cosby.” My response to him, atleast her sex was consensual. Hushed him right on up.

Now, I’m not inferring that Luenell is a loose woman, BUT in her own words, 

I am an experienced woman who has frequent flier miles on this P***Y. #LuenellSaidThat 

After her show, Luenell stayed around to take pictures and sign autographs. Those who didn’t purchase any of her material was allowed to take pictures of those of us who did lol. (Werk Mrs. Luenell) Mrs. Luenell said she got bills to pay.

All jokes aside, talking to her after her set, I have to say, ya’ll just gone love her to pieces! Luenell was indeed a jewel to meet.

luenell group

Radio Producer Joe Lockett and I took a quick shot with her  after the set. She told me she was going to listen to me on the air today, I wonder if she really checked out the show? 

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