About Us

Gumptown Magazine is your premier urban business directory. We help local businesses market their products and services as well as provide the latest coverage in urban business community news.

Gumptown is a free, quarterly publication that launched in Montgomery, Alabama in 2011. Now, we have grown to reach areas outside of Montgomery. We are continuing to grow, as we endeavor to become a directory for the entire Alabama Black Belt. We recognize the fact that the urban community of Montgomery and surrounding areas is a unique niche with buying power. With this said, we are utilizing the opportunity to connect local business with the community in a way that promotes growth economically and socially. Gumptown serves as the chief medium for businesses to market their products and services to the urban communities.

Gumptown is where you can find the  businesses that can help satisfy your needs. You can find your nearest beauty salon, restaurant, mechanic, dentist, insurance agent, and more! Gumptown helps you stay connected to the businesses that have the resources for you!

MISSION- To inform urban communities about available resources that cater to their needs.

VISION- To become the premier urban business community media network in the nation.

Gumptown Magazine is great for the community and great for businesses. Gumptown is a free tool that urban communities can use to find resources that can help them. Gumptown is also a tool for businesses to market their product offerings and make their existence known to the community. Gumptown is also a network for businesses to interact with each other and build relationships.

Gumptown is a two-way street! Join the network and stay connected!



Gumptown serves as a chief medium to connect your business with customers. We offer advertising opportunities that are affordable and effective. By integrating print advertising, social media, and the Internet, we help all of our clients reach new customers, build brand awareness, and increase sales.

There are many reasons why you should advertise with us! Gumptown is:

  • Affordable- Rates start at $50 per quarter.
  • Effective- Directly target the customers you want.
  • Tangible- People remember what they see and feel.
  • Essential- It’s more than a magazine. It’s a network.
  • Perpetual- Your ad will be seen 3 months later. 6 months later. 1 year later. You get the picture.

For advertising or any other inquiries, call 334-245-4127 or email gumptownmagazine@gmail.com.