Life South Weekly Blood Drives May 8-14



LifeSouth Community Blood Centers, Inc.

Montgomery Region

4139 Carmichael Road, Montgomery, Al. 

May 8t-May 14th
Monday, May 8th
  • Verbena High School from 8am2pm
  • Retirement Systems of Alabama/downtown Montgomery from 8:30am3:30pm
  • Monroe Academy of Monroeville from 9am3pm
  • Donor Center from 9am7pm
Tuesday, May 9th
  • Walmart of Clanton from 10am4pm
  • Walmart of Ann Street Montgomery from 11am5pm
  • Donor Center from 9am7pm
Wednesday, May 10th
  • Wind Creek Casino of Wetumpka from 12noon6pm
  • Indian Grave Baptist Church of Billingsley from 4pm8pm
  • Alabama Dept of Agriculture from 9am1pm
  • Donor Center from 9am5pm
Thursday, May 11th
  • Walmart of Ann Street Montgomery from 12noon5pm
  • Wind Creek Casino of Montgomery from 12noon6pm
  • Goshen High School from 8am2pm
  • Donor Center from 9am7pm
Friday, May 12th
  • Walmart of Wetumpka from 1pm6pm
  • ASE Credit Union of Wetumpka from 9am12noon
  • Georgiana High School from 8am2pm
  • Alabama Natl Guard of Montgomery/Cong. Dickerson Drive from 8:30am3:30pm
  • Donor Center from 9am5pm
Saturday, May 13th
  • Living God Ministries of Montgomery from 1pm4pm
  • Walmart of Clanton from 10am4pm
  • Walmart of Troy from 1pm5pm
  • Walmart of Ann Street from 9am12noon/Montgomery
  • Donor Center from 9am3pm
Sunday, May 14th
  • Walmart of Ann Street from 10am4pm/Montgomery
  • First United Methodist of Millbrook from 8am12noon
  • Walmart of Greenville from 1pm5pm
  • Donor Center from 1pm5pm

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