Just When You Think the Pieces Don’t Fit – BANG!


By Tonya M. Williams

That’s how I felt this morning at Starbucks. My BFF and I planned to chat over a steaming cup of goodness before heading off to work – her at Keller Williams where she’s a realtor and me to RWC Wealth Management where I’m marketing director. This morning, however, rush-hour pile ups on I- 85 North delayed our meetup, so I sank into a comfy leather couch in a corner by the window – white-chocolate mocha in hand – and waited.

Like most folks balancing life and a career, my mind refused to settle down. Can’t do it, no matter how hard we try, right? I thought about to-do lists, about a report that’s due soon, about whether my kiddo’s bus got to school on time. (It did by the way. Hats off to the alternate bus driver for makin’ it happen in a pinch!) I also thought about birds.

Okay, if you’ve been following my blog (www.thesassypuffin.wordpress.com) you know birds are a common topic. This morning, it became a tiny thread of consciousness my mind settled on while watching traffic whiz by.

This hobby that’s steadily morphing into something – oh, I don’t know – bigger than me, refuses to shrink back into the box where it’s been relegated for so long. And the more I speak about it, the more it reflects all the good stuff that I truly enjoy – nature, Creation, peace, healing, connectedness.

The practical side of my brain asks, “How do you quantify that? How do you turn a unique idea into a stream of income?” So, I’ve put pen to paper. I’ve read national research publications, business resource guides and so on. But that vision of folks wandering through parks and forests with me observing wildlife, listening to wind, to trees, watching life unfold outside our electronic gadgets refuses to go away.

I recalled how, on stressful days, I’ve gone outside for 5 minutes and something always happens. Something I could not plan or organize, or manage, or worry over. Right there in my suburb, far from picturesque forests, a mockingbird flies by. Sparrows rest on the trampoline. In the neighbor’s Cottonwood tree, wrens banter under the blanket of ripening fall leaves. Simple reminders that life is far greater than anything we can imagine and it’s right where we live, waiting for us.

A sporty red Mercedes Benz rolls into the parking lot. It’s JC. Within minutes we’re seated together busily chatting about her grandson’s birthday, the prospective client coming in later. Twentyminutes tick by – things gradually wind down. I’m meeting someone in the office in a bit so I’ve got to go.

Just as we’re collecting our belongings, she reminds me about the bird’s nest she saw in Mobile, AL while attending the commissioning of the U.S.S. Montgomery naval ship. After a quick glance at the phone, I recognize it right away.


“It’s an osprey nest,” I said, while gathering my purse. “Yeah, it’s fairly common finding them up on light poles or even cellular towers.” At that moment, the most incredible thing happened. The woman who’d been sitting across from us quietly reading a book suddenly leaned in.

“Excuse me,” she asks with a tentative smile lighting up her face. “Are you birders?”


Now, who could’ve seen that coming. Talk about random! Talk about divine setup. It’s like my business breakthrough group recently said – our visions won’t look like someone elses, but they will come from a place inside that makes us happy. And no matter what happens, only we can decide whether it’s worth pursuing.

Yeah, I’ll admit it, a birding course with field study and outdoor recreation doesn’t exactly look like anything I’ve seen entrepreneurs goin’ after. Executives, attorneys, middle-managers, teachers leaving stressful careers in pursuit of more satisfying income producing options may not have this top of mind, but that’s okay. They, their families and friends will eventually catch the vision. After all, an experience that welcomes folks into a quiet, restful place that rejuvenates their souls, pointing them to Creation’s wonders is an idea anybody can get behind. And because the Creator knew what I needed today, he sent confirmation in the moment that three ladies in a coffee shop enthusiastically connected over the passion of my heart.


FUN FACT If you’ve been anywhere along the Gulf of Mexico chances are you’ve seen an osprey (also called fish eagle, sea hawk and other stuff). Learn about them here! – Read about the U.S.S. Montgomery here!

tm-williams-the-sassy-puffin-bloggerAbout the author: See that lady in the park with the binoculars? That’s probably Tonya. Follow her blog at www.thesassypuffin.wordpress.com where she shares her latest adventures and ruminations. Tonya’s a creativist, naturalist, and outdoor enthusiast pointing folks towards health and healing right where they live.

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